Name Change: Purpose to Rod Purpose

So... by now you may have heard or have seen that the artist formerly known as Purpose has officially changed his name.  I find it a bit funny how dramatic it can seem when it really doesn't look like that big of a change.

Well the truth is I have grown from the artist I was when I first started as Purpose. When I started, Purpose was simply an idea or concept that I was growing passionately about. Not fully understanding every part of that concept, I embarked on a journey to let anyone willing to listen know that they have a purpose worth living for. 

Though this hasn't changed, I've grown to understand just how many aspects of our lives play into shaping our purpose and how impactful our lives can be. Me simply doing music doesn't mean I'm fully living out my purpose and simply living life has opened my eyes to that fact.

I've decided to change my stage name to Rod Purpose as I am still a man trying to fully understand and live out his Purpose. With that I write as a person who's still trying to figure life out and let my journey speak as opposed to someone who has all the answers. You'll also be able to find my music & stuff easier @rodpurpose.

I'm excited for this new journey as I plan to release new music this year including "Carry On" which was supposed to come out..until life happened(sorry for the wait). 
Anyway I hope you'll walk through this journey with me and keep your boy in prayer.

Until next time,

Rod Purpose